Changed the repair and refueling cost at the rest stops to reflect a small degree of scarcity associated with them. After successfully renting a ship the selection now shifts to that ship. Admin clerks at rest stops should now interact with players. La cartella di imperium dove sta? Fixed party invites showing the party leader joining. Chat lines should longer exceed the bounding box of the mobiGlas comms app. Perché l’aggiornamento è automatico, se tu hai installato il gioco con il CD e non l’hai spostato allora dovrebbe aggiornarsi.

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The targetting UI should no longer remain on after a target is destroyed. Added Constellation Phoenix Emerald. Blade entry animations should now be properly aligned. Fix for liquid like shadows appearing on planetary bodies. Orbital markers OMs should now properly rotate with the parent planetary body.

Aggiornamentl invece hai scaricato il gioco o l’hai messo in una destinazione diversa ad esempio hai la cartella del gioco sul desktop allora per aggiornarlo devi prima portare il gioco nella sua destinazione originale che solitamente è: Sei sicuro di voler eliminare questa risposta? Vehicles agiornamento should no longer appear to move erratically.

Twitter Auto Publish Powered By: Wallace Klim Klim is a chemist and a drug dealer found deep within the bowels of Levski.


UI Added the ability to scan navigation points while in scanning mode. If a turret locks onto a target, an orange dashed line will be drawn from the turret toward the target. Cloud Imperium Games ha annunciato che la versione alpha 3. Fixed aggionamento issue where the GForce blackout effect was stronger than intended. QT graphical aggiornaamento should no longer be visible inside some ships.

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Ship weapons should now impreium correctly according to power distribution. Ship quantum drives impdrium produce heat and are capable of overheating. Disabled while in the pilot seat. Players should no longer occasionally cause recovery to return them to their previous position when they decline. Rifles should no longer jmperium into the player when they are crouched.

Star Citizen: il nuovo aggiornamento è disponibile e apporta modifiche al lato tecnico del gioco

The Arrow turret can no longer be placed onto any weapon hardpoint. NPC s should now be properly be moving in the borehole corridor. Updated aggiornamenyo Behring Sawbuck Ballistic Repeaters.

Fixed multiple Lorville guards occupying the same space. UI Improved 3D ship model preview manipulation controls. Players should no longer take damage on stairs, when mantling, or when making imperum jumps.

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Corrected some mislabeled lagrange points. Ships and Vehicles Added Anvil Hawk.


The player should no longer be placed underground after ship cleanup at Lorville. The snow effect on Yela should no longer appear inside outposts and ships.

aggiornamento imperium

Made the video call feed on direct P2P comms calls less transparent. The Dragonfly should now have a self destruct timer and aggiornament. Interaction mode now has a quick select option. Larger ships should no longer be occasionally assigned small hangars at Lorville. Added visual deployment states and animations for fracturing vs extracting modes on the Prospector.

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Fixed markers not appearing for some delivery and bounty missions. Qualcuno sa come mai aggiornameento tolto N. Missions Updated mission objective marker to be more visible and include a secondary objective where appropriate. Le carte prepagate per il nintendo e-shop sono valide anche per nintendo switch?

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AI contacts should clean up properly on the ship radar. The player character should no longer get a boosted jump by agggiornamento a few times in a row.

aggiornamento imperium

Prices on the mobiGlas should now correctly match those on aggioenamento shopping kiosk.